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The Deal:

Between Bitcoin and Dogecoin being in mainstream news, more and more people are just starting their journey learning about cryptocurrencies. The good news is that there are a number of promotions where you can earn free crypto. The most popular is through a sign-up bonus at a crypto exchange (where you acquire crypto by exchanging US Dollars for Crypto Coins). Another way is you get paid in crypto just to learn about a cryptocurrency. I will be focusing on ones that are available to people that live in the U.S. (there are some options that are not available to those of us that live in the U.S., unfortunately).


I am not a Financial Advisor or a Lawyer, Buy / Sell / Trade cryptocurrencies at your own risk. Do your own research, and decide what is best for you. I am not responsible for any losses that you may or may not realize. This is for education and entertainment purposes only!

Free Crypto with New Accounts:

In order to get your business, Crypto Exchanges will offer you crypto (usually Bitcoin) for signing up and making a purchase. Most, if not all of them, have better deals when signing up through a referral link. I will be including the best option for you, whether or not I earn a referral award.

BlockFi$10 BTC$100 Deposit
Cash App Card$5Spend $5
Coinbase$10 BTC $100 Trade App$25 CRO$25 for new Account
eToro$50$100 Trade
Gemini$10 BTC$100 Trade
Voyager$25 BTC$100 Trade
BTC = Bitcoin
CRO = Coin


  • OVERALL: Popular place (based in the NY, US) to hold your coins while earning high interest on them. BlockFi’s parent company is Gemini (see below), so this is also backed by the Winklevoss twins. Also has the ability to exchange coins.
  • COINS: 5 Stablecoins + BTC, ETH, LINK, LTC, PAXG
  • INTERFACE: Website & App
  • BONUS:
  • TIP: You can sign up for the waitlist for their Visa Credit Card where you earn BTC with every purchase!
  • WHY USE BLOCKFI There are a number of reasons to use BlockFi. It is a great secure place to mine your coins into, hold your stablecoins for earning extra high interest.

Cash App

  • OVERALL: This is a debit card backed by Square. Easy to use, and enables you to earn 5% – 25% cash back and Bitcoin. Also, you can buy Bitcoin directly (and even transfer it).
  • COINS: 1 – Bitcoin
  • INTERFACE: App only
  • BONUS:
  • TIP: Turn off the ability for others to request money from you by:
    • Go to profile (upper right hand corner)
    • Click “Privacy & Security”
    • Under Requests, toggle the “Incoming Requests” to off
  • WHY USE THE CASH APP: I only use this for the cash back and Bitcoin boosts (the 5% – 25% back on spend). Also easy way to transfer money to another user.


  • OVERALL: One of the most popular exchanges, Very easy to user, customer friendly
  • COINS: Over 60 and growing
  • INTERFACE: Website and Apps
  • BONUS:
  • TIP: After earning your signup bonus, use Coinbase Pro (no extra charge), for much cheaper transaction fees (though more advanced interface)
  • WHY USE COINBASE (PRO): Most popular exchange, Large number of coins, and decent fees when using Coinbase Pro.


  • OVERALL: A social platform where you can follow other people’s trades. Has millions of users in over 140 countries.
  • COINS: 18 – mostly the popular ones
  • INTERFACE: Website and App
  • BONUS: $50 after making a $100 trade
  • TIP: Activate Privacy and Security settings:
    • Privacy: Settings –> Privacy –> Toggle Off “Public Account” and Sharing “Full Name”
    • Two Factor Authentication: Setting –> Account –> Toggle On “Two Factor Authentication”
  • WHY USE ETORO: Quick and easy trading, plus seeing what other people are trading.


  • OVERALL: Another easy to user, customer friendly interface. Backed by the Winklevoss twins.
  • COINS: Over 40
  • INTERFACE: Website and App (Active Trader is website only)
  • BONUS: $10 after making a $100 trade
  • TIP: After earning your signup bonus, use Active Trader interface (no extra charge), for much cheaper transaction fees (though more advanced interface)
  • WHY USE GEMINI: Access to some coins not available elsewhere, easy to earn interest on your crypto coins, inexpensive fees for Active Trader.


  • OVERALL: Another very easy to use interface, with access to coins not available on the above exchanges.
  • COINS: Over 50
  • INTERFACE: App Only
  • BONUS: $25 after making a $100 trade
    • CODE: 043AA9 (if you need it)
  • WHY USE VOYAGER: Access to some coins not available elsewhere, earn interest on your crypto coins, no trading fees.

Wrap Up:

These are just some of the ways that I wanted to share with you that I know about earning free crypto (usually Bitcoin)! I will be updating this page with additional options for you to research soon, but wanted to get something out to you so you can get started, if it is something that you are interested in doing. Again, consider the above as education, not investment advice.

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